Wednesday, July 27, 2005

One more...

22 Maine, U.S.A.
preferred ultimate move : laying out.
secret powers : distracting offense with blood-curdling scream as they are about to catch the disc.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Our GORGEOUS team.....

The man responsible for it all...
Know for his unbelievable stealth and undying team spirit!

Former member of the Washington Area Ultimate Team
Taught tow throw to 1970's World Frisbee Champion John Kirkland

Superpowers: Lactose Tolerance
Favorite Number: Anything between 5 and 7
Favorite Song: 'Can't Touch This Frisbee' by M.C. Hammer
Turn-ons: Midget Frisbee porn
Turn-offs: Throwing the disc badly to me
FOr more information:
Bio: Born in the bustling metropolis of Downer's Grove, IL, Alan soon became the quickest ultimate player in his kindergarden. After years of experimental drug use, he settled into Galway for a summer and soon became a regular player in the Galway ultimate cult.

JACK A.K.A. Iron Maiden


General waste of space.
Angry man. Very angry man!
Hates children. Likes the odd drink.

JAMES (20), Monaghan, IRL
Specialist in 360 degree summer-soult catching. Known to cheat using time travel and distracting people with sarcastic wit.

AIDAN: ' I'm trying to watch my figure but, unfortunately I like cake too much!!! My favorite Frisbee move is catching the Frisbee in the end zone 'cause then my team scores a point and that's just fab. telegraph me at '

New addition to the team: JACKLYN

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

sunny day!

So yesterday I worked from 5 to 130 am...what a night. It is a sunny day here! Absolutely beautiful. I also found a beautiful flat for the next two weeks. I will have to find something for the galway races week. I am going to be living with a Polish couple. I like Polish people. There are a lot of Polish here because they just got accepted into the European Union and their economy isn't that great. So they all come here to find work. I have about 10 Polish friends here. Oh the address that I gave for the galway disc is wrong. It is actually check it out! So I have to go move into the new place. Until later.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Galway Disc!!!!

So this is it Ladies and Gentlemen!

Our very own Blog site...the address by the way is http://galwaydisc100 although I guess if you are visiting the site you already know this.
So as all of you know we practice every Thursday at 6:30 in front of the Quad at the university in Galway, Ireland.

We have also started playing on Sundays at the same place and time...So bring your friends and family for the fun filled event! All ages and abilities are welcome.

Peace out,